PRO WEAVE E-TUBE is primarily designed for the onsite installer.  This fabric meets or exceeds specs that require a 3/8 inch open weave knit.      We offer 3 different sizes of diameter in the Pro-Weave fabric. The PWI-8 is our eight inch diameter when filled.  PWI-12 fills to a 12″ diameter and the PWI-18 fills to a diameter of 18 to 20 inches.  These fabrics are designed for the onsite installer who has a blower truck.



E-tubes are applicable to construction sites or other disturbed areas where storm water runoff occurs as sheet flow. Common industry practice for filter devices is that drainage areas do not exceed 0.25 acre per 100 feet of device length and flow does not exceed one cubic foot per second (see Siting and Design Considerations). E-tubes can be used on steeper slopes with faster flows if they are spaced more closely, stacked beside and/or on top of each other, made in larger diameters, or used in combination with other storm water BMPs.

Enviornmental conscientous farmers

We’ve all seen the news reports and the major tv media outlets all taking their turns bashing the midwest farmer and what “they” think is irresponsible farming technics and a so-called disregard for those downstream from us. The american farmer…… particularly in the...

E-Tube partners with pipeline construction project


South Fork WaterShed Alliance E-Tube has had the honor of working with the South Fork Watershed Alliance and with the help of Dr. Martin Shipital and Mark Tomer of the USDA, are testing E-Tube filter sock on tile inlet filtering and how...

Dept. of Transportation approval in these state

We have approval of our filter sock fabrics for use in Dept. of Transportation DOT’s in these following states: Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oregon, Tennessee. If you have a state you would like to get approved to make and use filter sock, we can help...