Erosion Control Products

Welcome to!   We are an erosion control company that supplies superior quality and competitively priced filter sock to the end-user as well as erosion control supply stores.    Our primary products are mostly filter sock but we also offer a host of erosion control products for several different applications as well as palletized filled filter sock.   Whether you own a blower truck or have a system to palletize and transport filled tube,   we are your best source for this environmentally friendly product.

With testing done on our fabrics by the University of Colorado State and miles of filled E-Tube applied in the Midwest,  you can count on our materials to stand up and deliver on critical drainage areas and to filter storm-water runoff.     When your needing a BMP product for your SWPPP program,   filled filter sock will help you get the job done faster,  more economically,  and have more flexibility at your job site than any other erosion control product on the market.

E-Tube filter sock products will last longer and outperform silt fence and will not have to be removed because it  decomposes by nature.    Other products subject the fence installer to added expenses by requiring them to return and remove fence material and posts upon completion of the project.     Step to the front of the erosion control world and apply E-Tube filter sock products at your jobsite today!

Enviornmental conscientous farmers

We’ve all seen the news reports and the major tv media outlets all taking their turns bashing the midwest farmer and what “they” think is irresponsible farming technics and a so-called disregard for those downstream from us. The american farmer…… particularly in the...

E-Tube partners with pipeline construction project


South Fork WaterShed Alliance E-Tube has had the honor of working with the South Fork Watershed Alliance and with the help of Dr. Martin Shipital and Mark Tomer of the USDA, are testing E-Tube filter sock on tile inlet filtering and how...

Dept. of Transportation approval in these state

We have approval of our filter sock fabrics for use in Dept. of Transportation DOT’s in these following states: Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oregon, Tennessee. If you have a state you would like to get approved to make and use filter sock, we can help...